HCI@UCD host a monthly seminar series featuring some of the leading researchers in the field of HCI.

The seminars take place online (previously in the Insight Centre at the O’Brien Centre for Science, UCD). The seminars run from 1pm until 1:50.

2023/24 Schedule

October – Dr. Justin Edwards, University College Dublin

Title: Using Speech to Interrupt Complex Tasks  (Passcode: ^?6PzzKR)

November – Dr. Madeleine Steeds, University College Dublin

Title: Is Alexa Perpetuating Sexism? The Impact of Virtual Assistant (VA) Use on Stereotypical Gender Views   (Passcode: dE9O^4k)

January – Dr. Hannah Pelikan, Linköping University

Title: Designing Sound for Human-Robot Coordination

February – Prof. Andrew Howes, University of Exeter

Title: Towards Machines that Understand People

March – Prof. Tiffany Veinot, University of Michigan

Title: Human Intermediaries as Core Infrastructure for Addressing Telehealth Access Inequities

April – Dr. Niels van Berkel, Aalborg University

Title: Matching Decision Aids to Changing Cognitive Capabilities.

2022/23 Schedule

October – Dr. Iona Gessinger, University College Dublin

Title: Phonetic Accommodation in interaction with a virtual agent

November- Dr. Benjamin Cowan, University College Dublin

Title: All too human? Exploring human-likeness in speech interface design

February – Prof. Corina Sas, Lancaster University

Title: Ethical Design for Wellbeing and Mental Health

May – Dr. Mike Crabb, University of Dundee

Title: Flexible Media: An inclusive and adaptive Approach to media design

2021/22 Schedule

September – Dr. Francisco Nunes, Fraunhofer AICOS

Title: Accompanying Participants During Field Trials, at a Distance

October – Dr. Maximilian A. Friehs, University of Saskatchewan

Title: Impacting Experience and Performance Through External Influences

November – Dr. Philipp Wintersberger, TU Wien

Title:  Attentive User Interfaces for Continuous Interaction with Digital Technology 

December – Dr. Minha Lee, TU Eindhoven

January – Dr. Diego Garaialde, University College Dublin

February – Dr. Sean Munson, University of Washington

Title: From Personal Data to Personal Health: Designing for Goals and Collaborations

March – Prof. Thomas Olsson, Tampere University

Title: Studies on the Crossroad of ITx Social Interaction

April – Dr. Philip Doyle, University College Dublin

Title: The Dimension and Adaptation of Partner Models in Human-Machine Dialogue

June –  Dr. Heloisa Candello, IBM Brazil

Title: The design and evaluation of CUIs

2020/21 Schedule

September – Dr. Kellie Morrissey, University of Limerick

Title: Who’d Be a Citizen?: Surfacing Tensions in Digital Civics Approaches in HCI for Social Care

October – Dr. Shamsi T. Iqbal, Microsoft Research – Redmond

Title: Redefining Productivity to Adapt to a Changing Landscape of Work

November – Dr. Max L. Wilson, University of Nottingham

Title:  Physiological Indicators of Task Demand, Fatigue, and Cognition During Work Tasks
Recording link (Passcode: V4t+YKFS)

December – Dr. Paul Marshall, University of Birmingham

Title: End User Engagement with Data

January – Prof. Sue Fussel, Cornell University

Title: Understanding and Supporting Communication
Recording link 

February – Prof. Andrew Kun, University of New Hampshire

Title: The Future of Work and Wellbeing: From Automated Vehicles to Working from Home

March – Dr. Vicki Hanson, CEO of the ACM 

Title: A Cognitive Psychologist in Computing
Recording link (Passcode: ^rJRO68m)

April – Prof. Jacob O. Wobbrock, University of Washington
Title: Addressing Situational Impairments in Mobile Human-Computer Interaction

2019/20 Schedule

September- Dr. Daniel Rough, University College Dublin

Title: Tailoring Speech Interfaces through Visual Programming: The B-SPOKE Project

October – Dr. Sarah Foley, University College Cork

Title:  The Struggle for Recognition in Advanced Dementia: Implications for Design 

November – Prof. Anna Cox, University College London

Title: Designing Effective Behaviour Change Apps

January – Dr. Brendan Spillane, Trinity College Dublin

Title: The Impact of Design and Aesthetics on the Perception of Bias in the News

February – Dr. Rachel McDonnell, Trinity College Dublin

Title: How Real is Too Real When Interacting with Virtual Humans?

June- Dr. Anja Thieme, Microsoft UK

Title: Human-Centred Machine Learning for Health and Accessibility

2018/19 Schedule

September- Dr. Marguerite Barry, University College Dublin

Title: Irresponsible and Out of Control! Discourses on the Regulation of Technological Design

October- Dr. Martin Halvey, Strathclyde University

Title: Exploring the Impact of Conversational Strategies for Goal-Oriented Search Tasks

November – Dr. Lilian Genaro Motti Ader, University College Dublin

Title: HCI Challenges in Human Movement Analysis: Touchscreen Interaction for Older Adults

January – Dr. Sébastien Le Maguer, Trinity College Dublin

Title: A Journey from Speech Synthesis to Speech Synthesis Evaluation.

February – Prof. Alan Smeaton, Dublin City University

Title: When My Data Actually Becomes My Data

March – Dr. Saskia Kelders, University of Twente

Title: Engagement to eHealth Interventions and the Role of Technology

April – Dr. Sean Rintel, Microsoft UK

Title: Fidelity ≠ Richness: Designing Video Communication

May – Prof Lucy Yardley, University of Bristol

Title: The Person-Based Approach to Developing and Optimising Digital Interventions

June – Dr. Eimear Morrissey, NUI Galway

Title: eHealth – What does psychology have to do with it?

2017/18 Schedule

September ’17- Prof. Andrew Howes, Birmingham University

Title: How people make decisions through interaction with visualisations

October ’17- Dr. Katarzyna Stawarz, University of Bristol

Title: Designing for obsolescence: How to support the formation of healthy habits with technology

November ’17- Irish HCI 2017- Dr. Duncan Brumby (UCLIC), Dr. Julie Doyle (Dundalk IT) and  Prof. Chris Priest (University of Bristol)

December ’17- HCI Mapping Meeting

January ’18- Dr. Stuart Reeves, University of Nottingham

Title: Voice interfaces in everyday life

February ’18- Dr. Chris Janssen, Utrecht University

Title: Automated Vehicles- Why should we care about the human?

March ’18- Dr. Leigh Clark, University College Dublin

Title: Do we know how computers should talk to us? Exploring the concept of appropriate machine like communication through linguistic politeness

April ’18- CHI

May’ 18- Dr. Julie Williamson, University of Glasgow

June’ 18- Dr. Rowanne Fleck, University of Birmingham

Schedule 2016/17

April’ 16- Kevin Doherty, Trinity College Dublin

May’16- Dr. Nadia Pantidi, University College Cork

Title: Reconsidering sustainability and engagement for digitally connected communities

October’ 16- Dr. Brendan Rooney, University College Dublin

Title: Attention and emotion in reading the minds of fictional characters, avatars and “real” people

November ’16- Dr. Sandy Gould, Birmingham University

Title: Input engineering: redesigning input and building better interfaces

December ’16- Dr. Jens Edlund, KTH Stockholm

Title: Humans (and machines) in face-to-face interaction

January ’17- Dr. Paula Silva, Maynooth University

Title: Beyond Ageism: Designing Inclusive, Fun, and Humane User Interfaces
for Older People

February ’17- Prof. Luigina Ciolfi, Sheffield Hallam University

Title: The Collaborative Design of Tangible Interactions in Museums

March ’17: Dr. Conor Linehan, University College Cork

Title: The Challenge of Scholarship in Inter-Disciplinary Research

April ’17: Emilie Giles, Open University

Title: Stories, Crafting and Electronics: Using E-textiles to Create Personal Interactive Experiences with Blind and Visually Impaired Users

May ’17: Dr. Gavin Doherty, Trinity College Dublin

Title: Engaging Users at Scale – Issues and Opportunities in e-Health